Smartphones are the present and the future. Our mobile devices are not just some technological invention but have become an integral part of our everyday lives. Today, smartphones are not only used to keep us connected but also to entertain us, remind us, and inform us.
" According to app market data and insights reporter App Annie, consumers spent more than $86 billion on mobile applications in 2017, a 105% increase from 2015."
Thus we see that with every year new trends and advancements are seeping into our lives everything easier and faster than the year gone by. Let us look at some of the trends that have become the buzzword in 2018.

1. Artificial Intelligence

Gone are the days when artificial intelligence was a thing of past. Today, AI is changing the mobile world in every vertical. The most popular example is Amazon's Alexa which is helping everyone do their daily chores easily. The fact that Google is investing millions on AI proves that in the coming days AI will be a thing of our everyday lives.
Brands are using AI to not only boost their business but also to strengthen their relationship with existing customers. Starbucks recently launched an app which places orders on behalf of customers.
TacoBell's TavoBot suggests specialized food orders based on a customer's purchase behavior. AI is helping brands know and serve their customers better by collecting their information and eliminating any scope of error.

2. Internet of Things

Internet of things refers to the number of devices connected to the Internet with the prime objective of collecting and sharing data. These objects could vary from anything to a comb or a microwave to a toy or a self-driving truck. These devices are generally independent of any human action are primarily used to improve the environment they are used in. For example, if your job needs you to be in another city and your parents need your constant care and observation, an IoT enabled smart house makes your life easier. With sensors fitted in everywhere, it will not only keep their medical stats in check but also send an SOS to their doctor and you in case of an emergency. This technology not only makes our lives easier but also limits the chances of mishaps. From smart homes, healthcare, agriculture to the travel industry, IoT is taking every industry by storm.
According to tech giants, " Bain & Company expects annual IoT revenue of hardware and software to exceed $450 billion by 2020. McKinsey & Company estimates IoT will have an $11.1 trillion impact by 2025. IHS Markit believes the number of connected IoT devices will increase 12% annually to reach 125 billion in 2030. Gartner assesses that 20.8 billion connected things will be in use by 2020, with total spend on IoT devices and services to reach $3.7 trillion in 2018."

3. PWAs

It's 2018 and businesses are relentlessly working towards making the mobile experience a better space for its customers. In the last couple of years, Native phone apps have clearly won over hearts when businesses wanted to ensure a smooth online experience. However, even Native apps have their own limitations. Along with heavy download sizes, they also require a steady internet connection to run uninterrupted. Even for people with fast internet connections, users face issues while traveling in metros/trains or while in the elevator or any area with low connectivity resulting in failed transactions or failed searches.
This is where Progressive Web Apps step in. For companies, the cost of developing a Progressive Web App is much less than a Native App. With their unique cross-platform feature, they don't need to be separately adapted for different platforms. Without having to compromise on the functionality and no additional technologies, PWAs are ingeniously cost effective.
The fact that these apps no longer have to go through the exhaustive app store experience only
means that businesses can get their product out on the market faster than the native apps.
Low Data Usage also enables the businesses to reach out to a wider audience and acquire customers from remote areas where internet connectivity might not be top notch. Push notifications and a traditional app like feel help users engage more with PWAs which help businesses increase their retention significantly.
The credibility of PWAs is beyond questioning as they are backed by Google itself which also goes on to tell that the popularity of this technology will only rise up.

4. Augmented Reality

While the gaming world saw a massive VR boom, AR will be a major hit in the coming years.
Augmented Reality blurs the line between the real world and the computer-generated simulated
world. " Netflix, for instance, aims to build an app for Microsoft’s HoloLens AR headset this year. Aside from intensifying modern high tech fantasy experiences and changing the way we see the world, AR has a variety of useful and practical implications as well. For example, ProjectDR, a new system in development, aims to use AR to project medical images directly onto a patient’s body to facilitate fixation surgeries. AR technology has the potential to influence consumers in engaging and meaningful ways this year and, with apps like myNav, iOnRoad, and Sky Siege dominating the App Store, the sky is the limit."

5. Chatbots

Chatbots are nothing but computer software that uses artificial intelligence to mimic human
conversations. The conversation taking place between a chatbot and a customer could include
anything from texts to voice or graphics and videos too. Today, chatbots are developed using NLU so that the responses are less robot. With NLU, conversations with chatbots become more
personalized. Instead of just blatantly replying to the customer, chatbots are now developed in a way where they understand the problem and provide a suitable solution.
Chatbots are not only used to enhance the customer services but they help in streamlining the
digital workflows of a brand. When used for inventory management, Chatbots can deliver relevant
updates, automate various tasks and provide on-demand reports. Chatbots are cost-effective since they cut down the overhead costs and time across various departments in a company. Chatbots can multitask without any hassle and they limit the scope of mistakes too.

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