It is undoubtedly a huge challenge to entice your readers or audience with your content especially when writing an email. Marketing your views and ideas via written means of communication is thought-provoking as you are not aware whether the reader read it with interest or worst whether he read it or not. The biggest test for your email marketing is to choose a good email subject line that motivates or tempts the reader to read the mail.

We only have a couple of few seconds to convince the recipient to check the mail instead of deleting it. The subject line should be give the email an edge. The objective is to persuade the recipient to open and read the email. Email marketing is one of the best ways of content marketing. If you want your emails to be opened and read by all here are few ways that will boost the open rates and mail your content irresistible.

  • Clever, crisp, and clear

There was a time when email subject lines were mostly about being eye-catchy, memorable, and outstanding as it promoted brand recognition. Gone are those days. Nowadays the customers have become smarter and they expect smart things too. The recipient expects the email subject line to speak about what lies a click away or within the mail. It should be understood by the sender that the recipient is not reading mails for seeing entertainment or surprises. Thus, if you want more people to click open your mails, make the subject line clever, crisp, and clear. Give the readers the exact subject line that helps them determine what they can expect inside as they do not want to try figuring out what the sender wants to talk about.

  • Omissions

It is very important for a content writer or a marketer or anyone who writes mail with a sales perspective to know what words to omit while writing the subject line. What is worse having emails sent to Trash? The fact that your message never made it to the inbox or was sent to the Spam folder is worse than being sent to the Trash folder. You may be wondering why the Spam folder? The answer is that there are few words that if used can land the emails in the Spam folder. I have penned down a few of these words that needs to be omitted such as Percent Off, Collect, Biz, Cash, Urgent, Help, Clearance, Millions, and Free.

  • Length

Well I already suggested to make the subject line crisp and brief. But how many words exactly may be a question that might bother you? It is recommended to use 50 or less characters in the subject line. A short subject line does not have the risk of getting cut off even when the recipient is checking the mails via his mobile phone.

  • Urgent tone

The tone of the subject line also plays a vital role in getting noticed. A huge percentage of recipients mostly open mail if the subject line creates a sense of urgency. But writing few words with a tone of earnestness you can thrill, excite, and entice the reader to open the mail at that very instance.

  • Personal touch

These days’ consumers are feeling the pressure of information overload and hence are finding of ways of discarding unnecessary marketing communication. You know that your business messages are not just any messages. Thus, if you want the reader to not filter out your mail as generic or canned marketing mails, make the subject line more personal by adding words that help the recipient identify with the message. For instance, words like you or shopper or marketer.

Email marketing is one of the best and most widely used part of digital marketing. By following the above tips, you can make subject lines that help you communicate valuable messages to your customers and engage them.

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