Do you feel that your company’s website is boring and urgently needs a redesign? Does it not look modern? Does it fail to drive as much traffic as expected? If the answers are in positive than I am afraid that your website needs a redesign as it is outdated. Almost everyone looks for information through net. Everyone has gotten devices that can fetch them data with the help of internet in this age of internet it is important to keep your website up-to-date and follow latest web design practices that meet the web standards. Here are few ways of knowing that your website has become old and boring:

  • Not mobile friendly

Your end users mostly check your website with the help of their mobile devices. According to a survey over 90% of people use information while on the go. This signifies that they are mostly mobile users. Thus, your website must offer great functionality, ease-of-navigation, and aesthetics in mobile devices of all screen sizes. if you want to check whether your website is mobile-friendly or not, you can use Mobile-Friendly Test offered by Google. Just input your web address and let Google scan the site for results. With the help of google Analytics you can know whether your end users prefer desktop or mobile device to check your website.

  • Lack social media icons

If your website lacks social media icons, you are in deep trouble. If you though you did not need social media icons in your website, you are mistaken. According to a survey over 32% of referral traffic is constituted by social media. People love networking through internet via social media sites. They like haring things that they like, it can be a blog, an article or a company’s website. Talking about icons, it is best to have Facebook, Twitter, Google, and LinkedIn icons for people to stay   connected with the website through these social networking sites.

  • Lack Blog section

Did you know that blogging ensures traffic for the website? Blogging is a good way of getting traffic to the website. If your website did not have a blogging section, it is high time it should have one. Explore topics that you think that your target audience will like to read and share. Crate content that is attention grabbing, meaningful and has a plethora of information. You will soon see that with the social networking sites icons, visitors are sharing the blogs. Research on tricks how to successfully attain content optimization. With these strategies, you will see that the traffic soon rises over time

  • Lack of images

If your website has images in short supply, it can be declared outdated. Today the end users have become visual creatures. Images grab their attention. Also, the people today can relate to images as they find reading huge chunks of text boring. Since most of us earn primarily through images, it is essential that your websites should have significant images in stock that make logic.

  • High bounce rate, low average time

Finally, one of the most significant way of knowing whether your website is boring is by doing a little web analysis. If your viewers leave your website after viewing may be a single or a couple of pages, it is most likely that your website is boring and is not effective enough for making conversions. Also, if the viewers do not spend enough tie on your website it is most likely that your content is boring.

Apart from the above points there are other ways to know whether your website is outdated or not like if the website lacks landing pages or has only one landing page, it can be called outdated. If the website still has a hit counter or broken links, it is an alarming sign. By working on all these points, the companies can redesign their websites and see a rise in traffic and conversions.

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