Healthcare professionals have been using mobile devices for transforming several aspects of their healthcare and clinical practices. Consequently, the mobile devices have become a platform for offering healthcare services. The rapid growth of companies that develop software applications for healthcare providers have made accessing wellness services as easy as the drop of a hat. There are numerous apps that are available to assist healthcare professionals. They can properly accomplish their tasks of offering best clinical services. From maintaining health records to offering timely information, from offering instant communication and consultation to monitoring patient’s health progress, everything is possible with the help of these applications with just a single tap.

DreamzTechUSA is over the moon for creating healthcare applications that have been helping rehabilitation providers. DreamzTechUSA has a dedicated, skilled, and expert team of mobile app developers who have years of experience in creating cross-platform mobile applications. These developers have done DreamzTechUSA proud with their success rate in the past projects. Another feather in DreamzTech hat is the BlueJay Engage. Created with the intention to bring healthcare providers and patients on the same platform so that well-being of people can be improved, BlueJay Engage is a one-of-a-kind application.

BlueJay Engage has been created for both providers as well as patients. Let us take a quick overview of the application created for the patients. If you have been wondering why you should choose this application over the other apps here are a few reasons to just get started. Dreamztech feels proud to reveal that with BlueJay Engage, you can take care of your health anytime and anywhere even while on the go. The best part about this application is that it is a multi-platform application. Hence, you can download it from App Store as well as Google Play. Created for Android, iOS and Web 2 mobile platforms, this application meets the needs of a huge range of mobile users.

The essential features that makes the application commendable are secure communication, trusted content, and friendly reminder. With BlueJay Engage you can message you provider without having to worry about security and privacy of your messages. This application offers a secure environment. Therefore, all your messages are safe and reaches the reliable receiver only.

With self-explanatory instructional videos, you do not feel the need to have a physical therapist in person. Furthermore, BlueJay Engage offers end-to-end service. It always makes a point to notify the users by sending gentle reminder about their progress plan. Thereupon, the app helps providers in offering complete recovery of the patients. With BlueJay Engage, you get treatment on the basis of your needs. Your therapist offers personalized or individualized treatment plans. Moreover, with this application you can keep a log of your rehabilitation treatment process, view them with simple graphs and track your health progress.

Let us now have a quick outline of BlueJay Engage for healthcare providers. Healthcare providers offering a range of services such as hospitals, inpatient rehab, assisted living, skilled nursing facility, outpatient rehab and home health can use this application to ensure proper restoration of wellness of their valuable patients without having to visit them in person. Providers can offer customized exercise videos based on their patients’ needs. Furthermore, they can monitor the progress of their patient’s health even on the move. Besides, they can effectively and instantly communicate with patients as and when needed. They need not worry about the security of this application as it is a HIPAA-compliance based application. Moreover, it follows all the privacy laws practices ensuring patients confidentiality. With the help of this application healthcare and rehabilitation providers can ensure patient compliance as well as satisfaction. In other words, they can ensure improvement of their practice.

BlueJay Mobile Health’s vision and belief is that mobile technologies will someday transform the physical therapy and rehabilitation care world. The organization firmly believes that with their initiative ‘BlueJay Engage’, they will make access and delivery of healthcare facilities easier in the coming years. Dreamztech has always been game to take this challenge and promised to make this a reality.

Dreamztech has a flair of creating healthcare applications that brings clinical services at the fingertips of the users. Knowing that going mobile is the new norm, Dreamztech creates best applications. The engaging, feature-rich, and powerful mobile apps can transform healthcare services. With our mobile apps, you can track your wellness progress easily. Now, you do not have to wait in queues for hours arranging appointments with your rehabilitation provider. If you are also looking for a development partner who can create a mobile application for your healthcare service, you will never go wrong with DreamztechUSA. Contact us to learn more about our mobile application development.

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