Another interesting topic that keeps us busy is choosing the right domain name. there are several ways of selecting the right domain name. When do we need domain names? It’s when we are planning to take our company online. Be it a start-up or an established business or a client brand or a new brand, any business can have a need to create a website. This is when they would need a domain name. always remember that domain name represents your brand and would be creating a massive impact in the online world. An accurate domain name will help in increasing click rate, traffic, referral links, social media results, brandability, offline advertising and return on investment. Thus, you must select good domain names.

Here I present to you five tips that can help you creating perfect domain names:

  • Brandable domain name

The domain name must sound like a brand. It is best to create domain names that are not generic. You must avoid using hyphens or numbers. Hyphens make the domain names look anything but brand-like; call it strange or generic. Thus, it is advisable not to choose generic keyword strings. Choose names that sound brandable. The domain names must be memorable, unique and stand out.

  • Pronounceable domain names

You may think whether this is a relevant point. Well the answer is yes. It is very important that the domain name is pronounceable. Most people abandon a link or do not bothering clicking on a domain name as they could not pronounce it which means comprehend it. Fluency and processing pronunciation are cognitive bias that we have for making associations with anything that we see. Language is important in targeting the end users. Thus, create domain names that are unique, easy to pronounce and recall.

  • Short domain names

It is better to follow a rule before selecting the name.  Many people do not consider length of the domain name as a relevant factor but the reality is that the domain names length does matter. First, the readers might not process fluency and may find it tough to memorize or recall. Also, when it comes to typing the domain name, long domain names seem to be a big no-no as people tend to forget the exact name. Furthermore, you see shortened domain names in search results display. Thus, it is better to select a shorter name.

  • .com bias

It’s been more than 20 years that internet was introduced to man. Dot com still is and will remain the most recognized brands in the online world. Developers mostly use TLD extension option. It is still amazing to know that .com wins the competition of most widely used extension amongst rivals like .co With .com as the TLD extension, you get to users to associate with your domain names.

  • Intuitive domain name

Finally, the domain name must be intuitive by using words that the audience is able to associate with. The domain name must be smart and positive. The user must get an idea of what the site is all about or what the company sells. There can be playful, subtle, and clever words in the domain name which the audience can comprehend.

You can create a domain name that will motivate the visitors to open the website or click the link. If you have any points to add that you personally feel can be applied to increase the impact of brand names, feel free to pen it down in the comment box below.

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