Why digital agencies should be cautious more than ever while outsourcing?

Why Digital Agencies should be Cautious While Outsourcing

When you need your project delivered on time and you are running low on the workforce as well as budget the best solution seems to be nothing other than Outsourcing!!! However, finding the right technical partner or a development team for digital service outsourcing can be a very daunting task indeed. This is more because the whole world is moving to an online platform as an after effect of the pandemic outbreak. With a drastic acceleration in digitization, every business needs to be featured online as the new normal situation demands. More often than not your technical partner is the key to your successful project which requires extra caution while selecting one.

The checkpoints to be cautious about while outsourcing:

  1. Do your research with caution:

    While selecting the right external development team or technical partner for digital products outsourcing, ensure to check in their credentials and past work. A quick look through their case studies and testimonials will give a clear vision of their credibility.
  2. Creating a transparent RFP:

    The Request for Proposal (RFP), you send across should have the detailed requirements of your project, so that your tech partner can easily understand your needs.
  3. Price should not be the yardstick to measure quality:

    When looking for technology partners, price optimization should not be the sole criteria running at the back of your mind. The focus should be on optimizing the solution that will help you reap benefits in the long run.
  4. Taking ownership:

    Check if your tech partner is confident enough to take ownership of your project delivery and give due importance to your project as if their own.
  5. Communication:

    Communication plays an important role in every business. Hence, understanding their flexibility, frequency, and real-time collaboration techniques is a must before your vendor selection.
  6. Transparency is a must-have:

    Being transparent about resources, goals, and time management is a foremost requirement. It’s crucial for a technology partner to update his client through regular status reports. Technology vendors should have a simple, forthright road map of project activities so that the client can easily understand the step-by-step application and achievement of each stage.
  7. Legal Compliance and Risk Management:

    Every organization should have a predefined legal compliance management team. Ensure your choice of tech partner has it in place too so that during any dispute their legal compliance team can manage the smooth running of a business.
  8. Willingness to invest:

    Investment needn’t have monetary connotations only. Be cautious whether or not your tech partner is willing to invest in your idea with their expertise, knowledge, and proficiencies to make your dream project a grand success.
  9. Ensure if they have a hybrid mode of working:

    Evaluate if your technology partner has real-time local project management capabilities or do they just rely on their virtual counterpart.
  10. Legacy must-have criteria:

    Legacy doesn’t come with a company of 1000+ employees. Legacy should be fathomed with knowledge, uncompromising client satisfaction theories, exemplary company culture and values, and not measured by the employee count.

Outsourcing to offshore tech partners can bring in several complications like:

  1. Business uncertainty
  2. Inexperienced staff
  3. Possibility of weak management
  4. Hidden cost
  5. Outdated technology skills
  6. Loss of innovative capacity
  7. Endemic uncertainty
  8. Cyber security and IT compliance

Deep Technology Partners working on Hybrid Mode are the best solution

Keeping the above points in mind it is best to select an onshore or local development team who works on a hybrid mode that will keep your costs down and yet offer local support. They will not only be available at the time of urgency but will also provide support and maintenance whenever needed. Since you can visit them physically you can well judge their areas of expertise and their quality control measures. Deep technology partners can offer personal responsibility to support you after the launch of your project.

As the year 2020 comes to an end with a lot of transition and disruption in every business organization we have to think of ways of staying on and preparing for 2021. With a limited workforce, travel bans, and lockdowns many businesses have faced major setbacks. However, in our last article How Restricted Immigration Has Impacted the Digital Agencies, we have also given easy solutions to the aforementioned problems.

Choosing a software development partner for digital marketing agencies outsourcing is a matter of choice. Yet, that choice can have major consequences when it comes to money, time, and success. So be diligent and choose smart.

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