There are several Analytics tools that every business needs today to ensure that it leads in the market competition. A number of analytical software tools have already made their presence felt. Moreover, in this age of competition, nothing can last long unless it offers competitive edge. Your business must do things in a smarter way. Henceforth, it can make organized decisions and not loose like a wild goose that has nowhere to go. Analytics play an important role in developing business. The main aim of this blog is to help you in knowing the different analytical tools and software. In effect, you can use the tools to streamline your processes and make well-planned decisions.

Google Analytics

One of the most widely used analytical tools is Google Analytics. This tool is one of the best when it comes to websites irrespective of size. From button clicks to video plays, this analytical tool can be do everything. In other words it can be used to monitor website events. With the help of the funnel reports based on multiple channels that this tool generates, businesses can achieve their goals. From tracking visitor conversion to customizing dashboards to keyword optimization, Google analytics is loaded with several functions.

Adobe Analytics

Another best analytical tool used widely these days is Adobe Analytics. From web to mobile, this analytical tool works brilliantly across several platforms. You can manage as well as update tags via console with the help of Adobe Dynamic Tag Management. This software offers flexibility to the user as it ensures that data can get extracted from the tool and get easily merged to other sources of data.


The name may sound funny but this analytic tool offers some tough features. The tool is robust and powerful and is capable of meeting almost all analytics needs. If you want to comprehend purchase behavior of every single user, this tool is the right choice as it can help in monitoring as well as storing all your business interactions. With Funnel analysis, you can extract specific information from the reports generated based on the ad hoc queries.


The unique ability of sending push notifications is something that this software can offer. Mobile app developers really love this analytical tool as the software has the power to monitor user activity, user needs and tracks bugs. This tool allows the user to set queries in a faster and easier manner. The easy-to-handle API allows the user to export data in a convenient manner and run database queries fast.


This brilliant tool allows the user to store accurate data usage. The software maintains a record of bandwidth utilization. If you need information in real-time, this is the tool to go with as it ensures instant access with web activity and narrow breakdown.


This software lets you to get a deeper analysis of user data and offers valuable insights like visitor actions, top content, bounce rates, traffic sources and much more. From campaign creation to website effectiveness measurement, this tool does it all. The effective analytical software has an unclutters and intuitive user interface.

Open Web Analytics

This software offers a user interface that is like Google Analytics. From real-time tracking to conversion monitoring, there are several features that both the tools have. But there are some special features that this tool offers such as heatmaps and mouse tracking. Not to mention, it is a free tool and can be used in multiple sites.


This analytical tool offers an outstanding support team that is well known for offering excellent customer service. The ability of this tool to integrate with Marin Software makes PPC management easy. This platform allows the users to understand the correlation between KPIs and several metrics. The graphical interface lets the user to attain real time campaign performance and traffic activities.


This software analytic tool is easy to install and configure. in addition, it has an intuitive user-interface that is capable of delving in environments that are unsuitable for tools like Google Analytics. The software can also track IP addresses.


This software has a simple self-guiding set up. Furthermore, the real-time tracking of individual campaigns allows you to make quick decisions. The tools allow you to track the journey of a user across multiple sessions. The company has received positive feedback so far from its esteemed clients.


A great analytical tool that helps us in monitoring day-to-day activities of websites. As a matter of fact, it offers better information on keywords, entry pages, exit pages, referrals, engagement, and search engine.

Business world has been fascinated with analytical tools for monitoring online activity. If you also want to learn more about online traffic and conversions, choose the above software.

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