Imagine, as a result of your urgent call, a qualified team of field-service personnel rushed-in on the spot to save your business from catastrophic disasters! Hard to picture, because you don’t know when to make the call. Neither do the Field Service Management (FSM) businesses, because of their limited capacities with respect to having a predictive nature of the business operation.

The Urgency in FSM Mobile App

Measuring the ground-reality, the condition of customer experience with field services (plumbers, electrics, drivers, HVAC, engineers, doctors, etc.) are in most cases, still horrible, and management is helpless to do anything as they do not see what is going on in the “field. But does that mean that it’ll always be like that? What if a very simple way can empower the FSM organizations to work in real-time and follow a predictive approach on-field management? What are the technologies can make Field Service Management more transparent both for management and clients?

The answer, an appropriately customized Field Service Management system. And it allows for solving three big challenges:

1. Increase efficiency,
2. Reduce costs,
3. Increase customer satisfaction.


The power of mobility to bolster business capacities and introduce significant efficiencies is being realized and tapped by businesses in our globalized economies. And that is why there is an urgent need for businesses to shift their trading to mobile apps. 

Talking typically about apps for field service management business, they could help replace paperwork to store the information digitally safe and secured forever. However, that’s not even the tip of the iceberg, and you have to read further in order to properly grasp the urgency for an FSM mobile app. 


The Impact of FSM Mobile App

The impact of Field Service Management is huge. According to a recent Capterra research, 97% of FSM software users witnessed an impact on their business from the new software. More than half of all companies surveyed were using customer alerts, and a little less than half of the surveyed companies felt an increase in the number of finished jobs per day. For a company like Uber, FSM is existential. Meaning, it can’t exist without an FSM mobile application.  Location-based FSM apps have become the new norm. 

Based on Gartner’s prediction, the number of connected devices by the end of 2020 is going to be nearly 30 billion globally. This points to the growing importance of mobility as an integral part of the business, and irrespective of the trade genre. It is the need for a reliable and secure business transaction that has accelerated the adoption of mobility into the business.

Having a mobile application for field service management can monumentally assist with managing the on-field workforce. This often leads to an increase in service revenue and reduced service costs. The mobile field service app ensures the highest level of efficiency and productivity from your field technicians, subcontractors, job installers, and project management consultants. By deploying Field Service Management in your customer service operation, your business could maximize service performance such as call handling, priority-based routing, issue triage and resolution, parts management, technical support escalation, dispatch scheduling, order entry and billing.


Tangible Advantages of FSM Mobile App

For Businesses For Consumers
Increased resource accountability (GPS tracking) Better customer knowledge and communication
Faster service-to-invoice cycle times Embedded maps and turn-by-turn navigation
Improved compliance and standardization Easy-to-use and learn (no training)
Accurate time tracking and expense reporting Take Videos and Edit Pictures
Device-agnostic, configurable and upgradeable Increase productivity (more jobs, less admin)
Blazing fast performance, secure and scalable Overall satisfaction


Case-Study of FSM – Take the working example of a service firm that deals with emergency lock opening, changing, repairs, etc. A typical business organization, in this case, would require a desktop FSM system and a field service app for Android. 

Now when a request is made by any client, the manager is capable of viewing the location of each technician in the system via GPS. The insights offered FSM informs the manager which technician is available nearest to the location, and sends them the order details (description, address, photos) via API. After fixing the problem, the technician can checkmark the completed tasks, change the status of the order, and add details and photos to the app.

The field service mobile app automatically exports data to the accounting system to generate invoices, and run payroll calculations and accounts for affiliate commission payments. Thanks to this solution, a lot of unnecessary man-hours have been eliminated.


Benefits to Business


  • Real-Time Data Accessing


Name the biggest barrier to improved rates of resolution? Lack of Information! A mobile app for FSM allows the field-technicians to access business/consumer data in real-time. This results in a number of advantages, and the most important ones tracking, and centralized information. FSM via a mobile app provides the personnel with all of the historical service data and information in real-time. It also updates them with dispatch and status of inventory.  Another advantage with mobile apps is in scheduling, as field technicians have real-time access to data for ensuring the flow of information in the hierarchal structure as per the schedule. Furthermore, mobile apps for FSM also facilitate real-time communication, which is a pre-requisite for a ‘proactive’ field-service management organization.


  • Efficient Scheduling/Workflow


Field service management apps constitute complex systems for management and tasks, scheduled in a highly organized manner. The processes include sub-processes, activities, and tasks. From decades till date such services have always required human assistance. Real-time scheduling and alerts provided by FSM mobile app help create an organized workflow. This drastically reduces the chances of errors and also ensures the timely delivery of the scheduled work. However, this also allows the on-field technicians to choose the best order for completing the servicing or tasks.


  • Enhanced Productivity


One of the key areas of impact with mobile apps is productivity. And enhanced coordination is the keyword for field technicians. The flow of information, which is in real-time and dynamic, enriches every personnel and minimizes the knowledge-gap in-between field technicians. Improved communication and knowledge-sharing among field technicians via FSM mobile apps promote inter-departmental coordination, which then results in enhanced productivity. FSM for mobile app can also help with directing specific tasks to specific technicians, as per their areas of expertise. As all the technicians involved in any given piece of tasks are informed on the go, the overall productivity also increases. 


  • Improved Customer Servicing


All kinds of businesses today attest the highest of priorities towards the servicing consumers, using optimum resources and in the right manner possible. FSM Mobile apps are designed to operate in conjunction with the business objectives of surpassing the scheduled targets. The smooth process via mobile apps enables professionals to work in synchronization. The wide range of communication services rendered by FSM includes regular alerts, customer portal, chatbots, emails, mobile apps, etc. This allows for improved customer servicing, along with ensuring minimal dissatisfaction from the client’s’ side. A streamlined workforce, empowered with mobile apps further restricts the frequency of delay in the scheduled work delivery.


  • Improved Inventory Management


Personnel and technicians employed in the field are highly dependent on inventory management, in order to provide field service management solutions on-the-go. Mobile apps help employees find-out the real-time stock balance, remotely and at any time of the day. Mobile apps for FSM also notify technicians with respect to material shortage, which subsequently provides them with ample time to stock-up the material before incurring any shortage


At Dreamztech, we help your business leverage the technological prowess of FSM mobile applications. You can check our service and you can request a quote. Grow your business with the stellar improvements in productivity and efficiency of FSM, when you partner with one of the fastest-growing tech firms from the Asia-Pacific region. 


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