Outsourcing of software development is a situation where you have to hire developers for start-up to take responsibility for the company’s software development requirements. By transferring the workload of this very important business process to a third party team of experts, the company should be able to focus on more complex business processes.

To gain a better understanding of the dynamics, let us delve deeper into what is the viability of this business model?

The most straightforward answer would be cost reduction, to begin with. Some countries have extremely expensive cost of software development, which is why US start-up companies choose to outsource these jobs abroad. Also, since the current global business environment has throat cutting competition, managers are constantly pushed to increase productivity by implementation of multiple strategies of standardizing, automating and re-engineering of business processes. Developers Outsourcing as a whole is one strategy that managers need to meet business goals.

Check points to hire developers for start up

The business world is gradually coming to terms with the fact that every enterprise, no matter whether it is small or large scale or what product or service it offers, is a technology driven organization, hence hiring developers for start-ups to suit the requirements perfectly is very crucial for sustaining in the industry. Since manpower is the most valuable component of a business, the ability to attract and retain the best skills is sure to make a huge difference. Further ahead in this blog, we will discuss some critical steps or checks while sourcing, screening, and interviewing developers without causing much stress.

1. Be choosy while you hire developers for start-ups

Though to find developers for start-up with the right skill set, keeping up with remuneration expectations, taking care of immigration regulations and the competition in the industry are some of the big challenges in the hiring process, especially for start-up companies, the ultimate advice is to be very picky with the hiring process to ensure you get the absolute best talent possible.

2. Knowing what you need

The primary step is to understand the specific requirements, so that better filters can be applied in the sourcing process. This step can be facilitated through inputs from the various stakeholders who would work with the team. It is important to specify a well-defined skill set so that common confusions between front-end developers and database developers or between a web developer and a web designer do not arise.

3. Knowing where to find

Setting up the search strategy is the next big step, and can be done by looking at databases of both active and passive job seekers. For some start-ups, if subscribing to paid services is not viable, they can opt for free resources such as LinkedIn          , Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Google+, GitHub, Reddit, Quora, Glassdoor etc. Some of these can provide a great platform for referral chains.    

4. Candidate screening and interview

Moving on to candidate screening, modern recruiting tools like applicant tracking systems or coding assessment software which helps effortless screening of developers by tailored coding tests and automatic evaluation.

Speaking of interview, well, it is a two way process of decision making, both by the candidate and the company that is hiring. Some critical checks must be made by engaging in a dialogue to determine whether the candidate:

  • Can effectively communicate
  • Has good knowledge of the area of expertise sought for
  • Is a team player

Non-technical people are advised to include a consultant programmer in the interview panel for better assessment of the candidate.

Developers outsourcing: The bottom line

Daunting it may appear, but to hire developers for start-up is not a nightmare and paying attention to detail will ensure you sail through the process pretty smoothly. Starting with a clear understanding of your product and communicating the same to the candidate should get your job done without much hassle. We at Dreamztech have gained considerable recognition as an US start-up as well as an Indian start-up developer; hence, collaborating with us will definitely give you an edge over others.

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