Restricted immigration: The deep rooted effect of the present scenario

The current pandemic has affected the whole world in uncountable ways. It has brought the entire world to a halt. The new normal of hand sanitizers and Zoom calls has become a part of our daily routine.

The disruptions caused will have many short and long term effects on the mobility and immigration arena. With the restricted mobility, migrant laborers who form the foundation of the globalized economy stopped moving. The economic crisis induced by this restricted immigration can be pervasive, deep rooted and long. Social distancing, travel bans, and lock downs have brought global economic activities to a screeching halt.

Digital Agencies Hit Hard by Restricted Immigration

The effect is all around and digital agencies are no exception. They are among those who are trying to cope with the unprecedented situation. Restricted immigration has led to reduced work force as employees have been forced to return to their homeland without any surety of coming back and resuming work.

The uncertainty caused by such restricted immigration will continue to unsettle the digital ecosystem worldwide. 

However, as the economies around the world try to reopen, many industries, specifically those in the marketing and advertising sector and digital agencies will face large scale difficulties and complications going ahead.

“The Impact of COVID-19 on Digital Agencies”  a survey launched by Uplers in which more than  130 digital agencies  in the industry participated, revealed the various opinions about the impact of the outbreak and how they plan to traverse their business going forward:

  1. 57% percent of these businesses according to the survey believe that the effects of the coronavirus pandemic will last until the end of 2020.
  2. Remaining 43% believe the impact could be sensed for even longer and may have its effects on business until the mid of 2021.

The forthcoming viewpoint on business post pandemic was varied. Different countries have different and contrasting opinions, like New Zealand and Australia were with the most positive view of the future as in:

  1. 43% of the businesses in Australia expect their business to be affected until the end of September or early October. 
  2. 20% of businesses in the UK and 19% of digital agencies in the USA expect the Covid 19 pandemic to affect their business till the end of 2021. 
  3. Imaginably, the most conclusive move to materialize out of the survey is that 80% of the businesses believed they will either explore, stay, or upsurge outsourcing.

Upsurge Outsourcing: Has its own vices

Outsourcing to reduce cost and stay in the business seems to be an easy way out but with manifold disadvantages too. Outsourcing your crucial business projects to some unknown third party vendors seems to be adding to the already impending impact of the pandemic and restricted immigration. You cannot solely rely on them to be your extended technology partners since you cannot physically contact them in times of urgency due to restricted movements all around.

Partnering with Deep Tech companies: The best and handy solution

While it is sure that the consequences of the pandemic will have long term effect, there’s always the option of moulding a tragedy into an opportunity. We all know “Every cloud has a silver lining”. Thus, the safest and full proof way out is to partner with DEEP TECH COMPANIES who work on hybrid mode.

The advantages of such collaborations are given below:

  1. Partnering with them will give you access to their technical team present in their local offices.
  2. At the same time, their offshore offices will assist you in getting the projects done at a much economical and affordable rate. 
  3. You will get a clear picture of their resource engagement for your valuable project.
  4. You can have a face to face discussion about their solution approach.
  5. Witness their ownership taking abilities.
  6. Any dispute, which is most unlikely to happen, will also get intervened and settled by the local government.

Let your recovery digital agenda be guided and supported by some reputed and trustworthy deep tech partner who remains accessible to you locally at times of need. Since most customers are moving digital, more and more companies are trying to transform their mode of operation to the digital platform. This is the right opportunity for digital agencies to grab the most out of this crisis and help companies to launch Artificial Intelligence and Analytics into their business operations. And to do so most efficiently and confidently, you need to partner with a renowned and reputed deep tech company working on HYBRID MODE.

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