Because of the time- and cost-saving benefits of telemedicine, the global telehealth market is projected to reach an astounding $559.52 billion by 2027. Telemedicine app development has become the central focus of many software developers. To create a successful telemedicine platform, consider the following tools and technological advancements.

Features for Telemedicine App Development

A successful telemedicine platform requires tools for both patients and healthcare providers.

Patient App Features To Consider

Patient tools should promote a streamlined experience that is user-friendly to increase patient buy-in and satisfaction. Key features include:

  • Personal Account Setup: Patients should be able to create personal accounts to access their appointment and electronic health record information. Registration should be secure and involve two-step authentication through email and/or text messaging.
  • EHR Management: This feature should allow patients to make updates to their demographic information, allergies, health conditions, and health issues to keep their healthcare providers informed.
  • Video Streaming: Teleconferencing is key for enhancing patient care. Streaming technologies, such as Real-Time Messaging Protocol and Web Real-Time Communication, make it possible for providers to meet with their patients even with a low-quality internet connection.
  • Chat Messaging: Developing a HIPAA-compliant platform is key for patient text messaging. Texting is an option for situations that do not require live virtual meetings.
  • In-Sync Calendar: Adding a calendar where both healthcare providers and patients can make adjustments for approval can make the overall scheduling process more efficient.
  • Payment Service: There are third-party payment gateways that you can readily incorporate into your app. If you decide to create a custom payment gateway, understand that this adds to the cost of your telemedicine app development.

Healthcare Provider Features To Consider

Many provider tools are similar to patient tools. Key features should include:

  • Provider Profiles: Your app should have a space for full provider descriptions, including specialty, rating, experience, and contact details.
  • Calendar Administration: While both physicians and patients can add adjustments to the calendar, patients should only be able to add changes after physician approval.
  • Broad EHR Access: Providers should be able to access the full range of EHR profiles within your app to find all their patients to deliver appropriate care.
  • Two-Sided Communication Tools: Chat options and notifications should allow providers to inform patients of suggested treatments and appointments and give them to chance to follow up on care.

Technologies for Telemedicine App Development

To make all of these features possible, integrating the right technologies is essential for your telehealth platform. There are a number of current trends to consider:

  • Artificial Intelligence: AI-powered chatbots can help answer patients’ frequently asked questions. AI-powered appointment predictors can also help providers identify patients who are prone to missing appointments.
  • Internet of Things: The IoT refers to the network of devices that incorporate sensors for the purpose of tracking data. With such devices as fitness trackers and stress meters, providers can view their patients’ health statistics for better treatment planning.
  • Blockchain Technology: Utilizing blockchain allows patients and providers to share data that has been securely encrypted to prevent unauthorized access.

Customized Telemedicine App Development

At DreamzTech, we offer custom software solutions for telemedicine app development. Our team of experienced software engineers can help you create a successful telehealth platform. Contact us for your business needs today.


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