Top Mobile App Development Trends in 2017


With trends like Instant Apps, augmented reality, and direct Cloud interaction, we can conclude that today’s app development world has become fast-paced indeed. Dreamztech app development community firmly believes that we need to explore every new trend and exploit it further to stand out in the market that offers cut-throat competition.

Setting a trend-setting statement in today’s tech-savvy world is no walk in the park. With continuous innovation and development, companies can fashion apps that are trendy and engaging. Smartphones have become omnipresent and pervasive. App development companies like Dreamztech are on top of their games, whether it is developing a native app, a hybrid app, or mobile web app with technologies like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

After conducting a thorough research Dreamztech has come up with top 10 trend-setting headlines for 2017 app development market.

  1. Year of small businesses

Market researchers predict and forecast that 2017 will mark the presence of small businesses in the online world. From self-employed entrepreneurs to small and medium-sized businesses, everyone would be getting close to the online world to boost their sales and enhance their brand image. With the help of app development community like Dreamztech and rapid application development tools, these small businesses can have professional, affordable, and competitive web apps that are simple, engaging, and efficient.

  1. Security is paramount

Mobile app development world is giving utmost importance to security with the increasing number of online payment. With HTTPS, SSL, and advanced encryption, ecommerce has become even more trust-worthy and safer. The number of projects related to maintenance, security, data confidentiality, privacy enforcement, and secure logging is anticipated to increase. We clearly know that identity theft and data stealing pose a major danger.

  1. Android Instant Apps

Downloading and installing shareware and freeware and purchasing app with license were the traditional approaches in mobile web apps. In 2017, Google Android smartphones will pioneer and promote the instant apps. All that the user needs are an Android phone with uninterrupted high-speed internet connectivity to look for and use apps that also without installation. How cool is that! these apps promise beautiful and engaging experiences to the users.Fact is that businesses that quickly embraced mobile innovation, witnessed growth in revenue this year. In 2017, PWAs or progressive web apps will help businesses adapt to the mobile-first solutions. Dreamztech helps brands in quickly deploying feature-rich, quick, and seamless mobile experiences that their customers expect. By doing so, Dreamztech future-proofs businesses for technology that is yet to come.

  1. Augmented reality

Augmented reality has taken over utility apps with a storm. AR is the future of the smart mobile apps world. With a wide and diverse variety of uses, AR is all set to increase interactivity and engagement. The composite view of superimposed users reality and computer-generated virtual images is an art of a genius. The view enhances customer engagement and thereby improves brand value and sales. AR is no more restricted to entertainment and games, in fact it is gaining momentum in fields like education, GPS, online marketing, instant messaging, and location hunting.

  1. Large businesses

For long businesses have relied on micro-apps based on the principles of HTML in managing mono-functional, targeted, and simple functions and processes. Mobile apps are multi-featured and efficient in managing and collaborating projects. Agile development, deployment strategies, and continuous delivery have become an inseparable part of projects. Developers rely upon these technologies rapid deployment for creating mobile apps with numerous features and quality.

  1. Apple goes for Swift

With Swift programming language, Apple is promising to become even more feature-laden and fashionable in 2017. Swift pledges to offer great competition to rivals like Obj C, Perl, and JavaScript.

  1. Big Data gets Bigger

Data mining and big data has been transforming the landscape of data analytics and information gathering. Today information analysts and technology experts forecast a bright 2017 with integration of Big data in mobile apps development. With social networking data, mobile sensors, user flows, we can explore innovation, quality, and security assessments for Big data in mobile app development.

  1. Mobile payments

m-commerce has unleashed a new world of possibilities for online businesses. Brands like Samsung, Microsoft, and Apple are exploring the mcommerce payment option. PayPals, debit, and credit cards are being replaced by Google wallet, Samsung pay, Apple pay, and Microsoft wallets. They still have a lot in hands with the biggest concern called “Security”.

  1. Cloud

With direct interaction with cloud, mobile apps re all set to become more powerful and revolutionizes the smartphone industry. The god news is that phones will need less internal space as the cloud-based mobile apps will increase. The apps would explore areas like messaging, entertainment, business, and browsing.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Services based on location, instant apps, mobile wallets, augmented reality, cloud interaction and other trends all indicate the huge presence of artificial intelligence in app development world. 2017 is a year for innovators, thinkers, designers, developers, mobile creators, and the users.

In conclusion, the mobile and web technology world is evolving and constantly transforming. 2017 is undoubtedly bright and challenging for mobile app development. With innovative, enticing, and brilliant mobile apps coming this year, you can find your business create a niche.

Written by DreamzTech
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