Not everyone has the flair to be creative. It is a tough task. Similarly, web design creativity can get chaotic and tiring. In other words, you need to have access to some tools that can help you create best web designs. There are several tools of the trade that can inspire you and keep your creative work on track. Here are the 6 tools of trade that can come handy during web designing

  1. OneNote:

A pro OneNote user cannot make his day without using this application. From meetings to presentations to client consultation, one van keep all their notes in this application. Besides all the notes get saved n the cloud. With this application, editing has become easy. moreover, you can access this tool on the go. The freedom to get hold of your documents from any device, makes suing the app even more incredible. Also, you can share the pages from your notes with colleagues in case they missed out some critical data in a meeting. moreover, you can also work in collaboration with this application.

  1. Pinterest

For all the visual lovers, who prefer design snippets over plain written note, Pinterest is the right choice. It has undoubtedly changed the way data is stored, monitored and managed. From type treatment to design snippet, users can manage their project in the way they want to. It has made its users more organized.

  1. Office365 + Google Calendar

When every minute matters, this application is the best. Office365 + Google Calendar keeps your time scheduled. It instantly adds meetings that are related to work to the calendar and syncs with the phone. In other words, the user gets reminders and alerts for the meeting schedule when the time arrives.

  1. Spotify

If songs and albums are your favorite, this application is a spot on. The users get premium subscription to hinders of albums and songs. Moreover, there are no commercials to spoil the fun. Also, the user can set the radio station based on bandwidth. Moreover, he can also create playlists and add their loved songs.

  1. io

This application acts an additional air of eyes to look after the work. This application allows the user to capture screenshots and share it so that my colleagues can give me instant feedbacks. They can do so by clicking on the screenshot and leave a suggestion or comment. These comments last for 30 days.


All the above tools are a must have in trade. For making every day work easy, these tools are the best. Besides making your day work more organized, they also make the work easy. Nevertheless, I suggest you carry a pen and paper everywhere. Undoubtedly, these are not applications but they are valuable things to be carried around especially in the workspace.


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