The most important criteria for any business owner to make their business profitable are to have a talented team of workers. They require a dedicated team so that they can achieve their mission at hand. It is therefore important to understand the concept of a dedicated development team in the world of technology. Read on the blog to get a deeper insight on the following topic.

What is a dedicated development team model?

A software development company believes in a dedicated development team model where there are three models within. One is the dedicated team, the other is the fixed price model and the third one is the time and material model. These three models are all different in their own ways and are considered to be unique for running the business successfully.

How does the dedicated team operate?

The dedicated team model means basically that there will be a group of talented software developers who will carry out the project with precision. This group gradually becomes a part of the entire in-house project and see to it that the project turns out be a great success. This is a dedicated development team that consists of the following talents like for example:

  • Business analysts
  • DevOps
  • Project manager
  • Both backend and frontend developers
  • Engineers with quality assurance
  • UX/UI designers

When is a dedicated development team required?

The company needs a dedicated development team to handle special circumstances that the company has to face. The company does have a professional team but sometimes it becomes impossible to handle a particular project, then the dedicated software development team gains importance in the company. The dedicated software development is the requirement for the completion of any important project. The business can only expand if the projects are handled by a dedicated team of developers.

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What are the advantages of a dedicated software development team?

1. Cost-effectiveness

The Company has to spend more if they decide to hire in –house professionals to complete the project. Above all they also have to incur extra other costs for in-house hiring. On the other hand, the company can hire a dedicated development team at lower rates but the work done will be top notch.

2. Transparency in management and communication

The project of the company will be on the right track due to hiring a dedicated team. You can have control over their activities as they are the daily engagements hired from different communication platforms. Since the communication is good, it is possible to air their view and clear all the misunderstandings in order to complete the project successfully.

3. Committed team

A dedicated development team model is the one that highlights on the vision and the mission of the business. The team of developers works effortlessly with the aim to reach a common goal.

4. Hiring is hassle- free

The process of hiring dedicated team is conducted by the vendors without any kind of fuss. The work is simplified by the vendors as the skill available is of wide range. The perfect team that is short listed is the one that will suit your company’s requirements.

A statistical survey shows that a project takes a period of one to nine months for its completion. If it is custom software then the time taken will be around four to five months.

According to the report available in

  • About 7.70% of developers deliver typical software with basic features in a period of two months.
  • 38.50% a larger chunk of agencies deliver within 2- 4 months.
  • 61.60% of development companies establishes within 4-6 months.
  • 10.81% of software firms are able to deliver fine software with maintenance and support within 6 months

The fundamental level of software development is writing and maintaining source code. In a broader sense, it starts from idea generation to product manifestation. There are several methodologies that are now developed to cause both an effective and efficient software development.

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