Since the advent of .NET framework by Microsoft that began in the late 1990s, software development tools had undergone an enormous change. The freedom for the developers to write applications in multiple languages including VB, C++, C#, and much more was the icing on the cake. As .NET came with a class library that allowed the developers to use any language of their choice. CLR or the Common Language Runtime executes the programs that are written in .NET framework. CLR is an application virtual machine that offers memory management, security, and exception handling.

Programmers and developers have always supported .NET as they find it to be a consistent programming model that requires less complicated and complex development efforts and that offers direct support for debugging and security. Besides the developers also feel that .NET has made application deployment and maintenance simple and straightforward. Moreover, .NET abridges assembly on computers with the installed framework. Undoubtedly the framework is popular across the board but, the IT industry, as we know is dynamic. It is undergoing constant change. Owing to the transforming industry, Microsoft rolled out .NET Core with a lot of amendments and alterations. Let us look at this partially-open-source-available framework in further depth.

  • What is .Net Core?

The biggest issue with .NET Framework was that its incapability to share code across different platforms. With .NET Core, the developers will have a library that can be deployed over several platforms. Also, the developers can import the parts of the framework that they need in accordance with their projects.

The .Net Core Runtime is out there, released to the open-source community. The community will collaborate with the .NET team and extend and improve the platform. Licensed under the MIT, this open source framework offers developers fully supported, cross platform, and open source .Net stack that helps them create server and cloud applications. It includes compilers, the CLR, core, class libraries, .NET Web, Data, and API Frameworks.

.NET Core is the very basis of ASP.NET Core 5. It is a core that has two major components.

1. Runtime:

The runtime is built on the codebase same as the .Net Framework CLR. Also, it includes the same GC and JIT and is delivered on NuGet. Moreover, it does not include any features like Code Access Security or Application Domains.

2. Base class libraries:

The base class libraries have the same code as the .Net Framework class libraries. The few differences are that the base class libraries do not contain dependencies and therefore have smaller footprint.

What is extremely cool about .NET Core is the fact that NuGet packages and ships it. In this manner, you can receive a private version of the .Net Core Framework that fits your specific application. Because of which other application versions will not be able to change you’re the behavior of your application. Is it not cool! .NET Core which is now available only on Windows platform will soon come shipped in Mac and Linux. This is a great news for developers as they can create web and cloud based applications for multiple systems. Now you also get access to Visual Studio Pro as the open-source applications that Microsoft have created using the free Visual Studio Community edition have been made public, and just for news, it is an entire development environment that you as a developer will get. Really neat! Finally, ASP.NET 5 and the development environment will effectively support grunt, gulp, bower as well as npm for front end developers. It is good news for developers as they can now have the scaffolding for a huge variety of builds as they are readily available.

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