Why digital agencies should focus on a hybrid model than complete outsourcing?

The concept of digital marketing is all about choosing the right team of professionals. This is not at all an easy task especially when you have to promote an online store. The qualified and the trained professionals are the ones who can accomplish your business goals. There are in fact three types of solutions: for example, the in house, the outsourcing and the hybrid approach.

Today in this competitive market scenario, there is a shift in the approach of creative production. The marketers about ten years ago used to prioritize on cost savings and speed by making their operations in-house. Now both the internal and the external agencies are working together in order to drive maximum amount of ROI on their creative expenditure.

Challenges faced by in-house agencies

The in-house agencies have to face a huge competition to manage their growth. They have to constantly match with the increased amount of workflow with limited resources.

  1. The biggest challenge is balancing the workforce with the changing work. Since there is a lack in internal skills as well as knowledge, it becomes difficult to complete the project in a definite timeline. There are varied obstacles in the process of work, in communication and as a result it can slow down the efforts that are put up by the team of professionals.
  2. Hence, the internal agencies have to struggle to build the gap between resources and limited time factor. In such case, they might have to hire resources that are costly and of higher level.

What is hybrid approach?

The hybrid outsourcing model is one that is a combination of in-house and agency resources. This is advantageous because it will help you to organize your dream work. This approach will help the internal team to focus on their tasks and the marketing experts can use their marketing strategy based on new technology to meet their business goals.

Advantages of external collaboration with hybrid outsourcing model

The greatest challenge for the internal agencies is to match with the creative industry. The only solution is to control the costs without creating any operational obstacles on the creativity. If the services are outsourced to the external agencies, then it provides not only flexibility but also creativity and scalability to the internal teams.

  • Save cost2s by co-outsourcing

The expenditure of hiring an outsourced partner for campaigning of a particular work is much less than bringing resources in-house. The in-house have the liberty to select a creative project and keep it in-house and outsource it when required.

  • Increases efficiency

The creative work is collaborated with internal agencies; it is possible to spend time in other important work. They can focus on other creative ideas to enhance the efficiency and creativity of business.

  • Production is done round the clock

The external agencies have the ability to work round the clock by motivating their team as per requirements .This is because they have a strong support system that can increase the production with the use of streamlined workflow. They have the apt technology to connect and collaborate at the right time and the right place.

  • Competitive edge is enhanced

The external agencies have an access to a team of highly talented professionals. They have the experience of working with different clients. Hence, they have the exact knowledge and can find solutions to any creative needs. If a business owner uses this outsourcing agency, then the in-house can save on the investment that is made on the infrastructure and resources.

The final call is yours

The external agencies are preferable to internal agencies because they are a support to reduce the risk and make influential ROI. The hybrid outsourcing model approach gives the internal agencies ample time to create new ideas and improve on the competitive edge. The choice of near shoring companies or offshoring models or co-sourcing completely depends upon the requirements of a business owner.

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