A website is the door to  connect with the people all over the world, especially for a small business. It is your website where the visitors locally as well as internationally can learn about your business, avail products you offer and much more. The tough part is that there are thousands of other sites competing for large market share and grabbing the attention of the users. The challenge is to get hold of search engine traffic in such cut-throat competition. There are several things that businesses can do to increase their website visibility. If you do not have a strategy for increasing traffic, you will see a decline in conversions.

Here are few reasons that you must keep in mind if your website does not see many visitors:

  1.  Your Website is not SEO Optimized

For a business to be successful, the website of the company must be listed in as many places as possible. With listing options like Google Maps, Google My Business, Super pages, Merchant Circle, White Pages, City Search, and much more you can share the location of your company, add pictures, share company’s information like contact details, respond to reviews and edit information instantly. All these listings will help your business name to appear in local searches.

  1.  Poor email marketing

Emails are one of the best ways to remind the customers that you are there for them. Once you have created a cordial relationship with your prospects, it is advisable to send regular email that directly or indirectly boosts sales. Thus, if you are lacking traffic it is because you are not inviting customers to your website. A good email campaign is a necessity for enhancing conversions.

  1.   Failing to publish regular content

Another very important factor that can drastically affect traffic is the content of your website. Search engines welcome fresh content. In fact, if a website updates its content on a regular basis the websites reaches the top in the search results thereby improving the chances if high visibility and web clicks. Thus, if you want to become one of the top ranked websites in a search engine regularly update content.

  1.  No social media presence

If your company’s presence in social media is minimal, your website will also have minimal visitors. In this era, where everyone is actively using some social networking site, it is very important for businesses to have social media presence. Social media is a huge platform that has the power to send traffic to your site. Thus, create strategies that can help you attract target audience. This can be done by adding interesting updates, promoting engagement, arranging contests, organizing polls and much more.

In conclusion, I would like to say that getting huge traffic is a tricky task and needs effort and research but with correct strategies you can get waves of web traffic knocking your website.


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