Why Your Business Website is More Important Than Your Business Card

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Advertising can help your business to grow in leaps and bounds. Be it a small business that you are running from your home or a business that functions at a global level, either way businesses need advertisement to reach the eyes of the customer. The business website of your company is one of the best marketing tools that will act as the best piece of your strategy for getting recognized. It is important than the company’s brochure or even the business card. The reason is simple. It is all about marketing.

Have you heard about outbound and inbound marketing?

The traditional concept of outbound marketing employed techniques wherein the company would send out door-to-door salesmen, flyers, or even direct mailers hoping that the receiver would offer some attention. Inbound marketing is a more modern approach of drawing the attention of people. In this mode of advertising, the company focuses of the needs of the customer and based on the needs deduces plans that may help the customers at the very moment when they need. Websites are thus very customer-friendly as they offer more information in the most helpful manner.

There are so many ways that make websites superior than business cards

  • Lasts long

Websites are there forever while business cards are pieces of paper and can get destroyed or lost. Business cards are mostly shared in meetings or parties or conferences. These places are full of people. There is a huge chance that these small cards may get misplaced. Websites are better than cards any day even business cards have the website address of the company.

  • Information

Business cards are great way of advertising but there is no denying that business cards offer limited amount of information. It basically holds the name of the business card holder, job title, contact details like phone number and email address and also the website link details. People get huge number of business cards printed before attending any evet. Websites are better to get hold of plethora of information about any company.

  • Accessible

Business card is undoubtedly a great way of letting someone remember about the contact details but if the person forgets the card in his rooms drawer, the accessibility to the business card holder gets reduced but with websites you can access information 24 hours a day.

The above points are sufficient to conclude that websites are more powerful in comparison to business cards. With information like FAQs, latest news, updates content, company profile, services offered, contact details and much more, websites allow the businesses to add brand value.

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