DreamztechUSA takes pride in sharing that we worked our fingers to the bone to design the perfect wires and cable online store for Durabull. Our dedicated team of experts and professionals have worked hard in making the portal perfect. Furthermore our developers designed the site keeping in mind the needs of the end users. We know just what the customers look for when shopping online- a fast and accurate store. Durabull offers a total of 8500 Products under 26 categories. The cherry on the cake is that you do not have to compromise on speed while looking for your perfect choice. The website is loaded with features that set it apart from the other online stores.

This e-commerce portal allows you to create your own account. The online store showers buckets of information covering details on all about the company, the product-line, company’s privacy policies, various safety and security measures and also general terms and conditions. In other words, with these information the user can check all about the authenticity and transparency of the brand. The site is self-explanatory in nature. In other words you do not need to go looking for information in any other website when you have logged in your Durabull account. Whatever information you need, you get it in Durabull. The information is specific, accurate and organized.


The web portal offers features that make it a customer-oriented online store. With features like shipping, delivery, order status, returns, payment options, and contact us, Durabull ensures 100% customer service. Moreover, the user can easily shop products from the store by just adding them to the shopping cart. The cart is displayed on the homepage. Our one-of-a-kind ecommerce portals also lets the users to connect with various social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.


DreamztechUSA has a flair of creating web portals that are unique in nature. Dreamztech created Durabull with with a hint of distinctiveness. Since Durabull offers a wide range of products, DreamztechUSA took the opportunity of creating different templates for each product category. This exclusivity in the layout based on the products gives the online store a interesting and compelling effect. Also we make sure that the background or the backdrop is most suitable for the product range. The online store is making a buzz in the online market. With 24% rise in online sales, Durabull has improved its online traffic and conversion rates.


Durabull is one-stop platform for buying outdoor gears. If you are looking for reliability, stability and durability in your gears and hardwares, you can never go wrong with Houston Wire & Cable Company. in function since 1975, HWC is one of the giants in the United States of America. They market and distribute electrical wires, mechanical wires, cables and related services. Also an esteemed member of the Forbes 200, Forbes awarded HWC as the Most Trustworthy Company in 2012.

With ample resources to research from and a huge variety of products to choose from, you will get the best.  If you are looking for a online development partner that creates great website, choose us. We develop online stores for businesses offering slings, cables, wires and other such gears. We have a history of creating the best online stores. Our online stores help improve online visibility and also enhance customer base. Take a look at our successfully completed online store Durabull to believe each word that we say. On earth there’s no heaven, but when it comes to buying gears and hardware that can last a lifetime, Durabull is a piece of paradise.

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