In today’s world, human beings are trying to make every object around them smarter to make lives easy and efficient. From smart cities to smart industries, technologizing everything is the latest trend. IoT is not some technological advancement anymore. It is becoming a lifestyle choice instead. With IoT being embedded into everything, smartphones and computers will soon become the basic fabric of the upcoming generation.
Today, technology is not only changing the way we live and work, it will soon start changing the way we learn. With everything changing faster than ever, the education sector should not be left behind. With student learning on focus, educational institutions can use IoT as an auxiliary tool.
IoT in education and learning will not only help students gain a deeper insight into everything but will also help them understand things more practically. This will also give the educators a chance to focus on individuals separately which otherwise gets cumbersome. IoT will give students a chance to learn more than just textbook content. They will be able to focus more on real-time data and facts rather than learn something which sometimes has no factual background.
Let us take a deeper look at how IoT is making education and learning faster, easier and safer for students as well as educators.


Knowledge should not be restricted to texts and images. And IoT in learning ensures just this. With the help of IoT, textbooks can be linked with websites so that students are equipped with extra information, films and other substances related to a particular topic. This will give them a broader perspective to analyze and understand things better. It will also invoke more curiosity among students and hence their ability to interact with fellow students and teachers will also improve.


Keeping an on every student is necessary but not humanly possible. IoT, however, has the potential to make the impossible possible.

Buses routes can be tracked with GPS transmitters and parents can keep a check on their child’s whereabouts. Inside the campus, attendance and students’ whereabouts can be tracked by installing RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Device) in ID or other wearables. Instant alerts and notifications will prompt instant action which will make these educational institutions more safe and secure at all times during the day.

“With the help of technologies like 3D positioning, students can be monitored 24/7 and their presence can be reported at any given point of time. The option of distress buttons can also be provided by these technologies for raising an alarm if in case the need arises.
For monitoring the student behavior, intelligent camera vision can be used in the campus. Recently, computer vision technologies have improved a lot and can monitor any signature movements. This activity can automatically stop any unexpected incidents from taking place.”


Daily operations can be tedious and time-consuming. Embedding IoT into systems can help save not just time but also ensure that the work is being done properly, leaving no scope for mistakes.

“For example, A robust faculty attendance gadget guarantees the safety of an academic enterprise and may assist colleges and education facilities in many methods. It allows the academics to input the vital records immediately into the gadget. This could help the agency to reduce the time it takes to publish attendance facts and allows school officers to send a piece of email to mother and father. It can additionally help to save the number of instances a pupil has said to the doctor and hold a test on scholar’s clinical desires and the medicinal drug they will be taking.”


IoT can enable students and teachers to stay connected irrespective of where the students are. Students can stay connected with each and other mentors across the globe from their home or even from their desk at school/college. Teachers can, in fact, access live information on any particular subject and make it available to students. For example, if the topic of the day is about forests, teachers can access live information through sensors and live feeds monitoring a particular forest area. This will not only make learning more exciting but will also give the students a practical understanding of things.


Gone are the days of chalkboards which limited the knowledge to just what the teacher writes. Any particular topic at hand has more to it than what the teacher pens down on the chalkboard. This is where IoT enabled smart boards to come into the picture. With the help of online displays, additional information and films, smart boards enhance lectures. Students can be a part of an interactive learning wherein they can share assignments and access additional knowledge sources if need be.

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