You have a website of your company but it fails to be shown in the top of search engine rankings ? If such a case your website must be lacking few very relevant points that you did not notice or give importance to search engine Optimization. Have you even had the time to submit your URL to Google? If you did not, here is the biggest reason your website is not appearing. If you were thinking that by just listing the company’s URL your website would get great rankings, you must think again. To be in the first 10 search results you need to deduce SEO strategies.

Search Engine Optimization tips

  • Add keywords that are not very over competitive in your content

From single words to short phrases, keywords can be of multiple types. Moreover, the user uses these keywords frequently to search for important and desirable information. Therefore, it is better to stick to three to five keywords that are not over competitive. You can do this by simply using tools like Keyword Tool. Furthermore, the tool is popular in gauging the popularity of keywords or search terms. Consequently, highly competitive keywords may have thousands of websites already fighting in the race.

  • Meta-tags

If you had never heard about metatags here is a simple way of understanding it. Metatags are hidden code. The visitors cannot see it but Google can both scan and pick metatags. Thus, it is advisable to use as metatags not more than 20 and not less than 10.

  • Content

There is another big reason that might be the reason for your website’s absence in the top listing. The content plays an important part. It is advisable to use blogs and articles that suit the services you offer. Google appreciates and approves fresh content over repeated content. Therefore, it is important that your website has an effective Content Management system.

  • Site listing

There may be another huge reason your website could not make it in the top rankings. Your website may not be listed in multiple places. Thus, it is better to create listings in places where online visibility gets improved. Google places is a good start. SMEs will be mostly benefited. Some places where you can list your site and promote it are:

  • Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo
  • Online directories like Google Business, TripAdvisor, Yellow Pages, Yelp, Super pages, and Merchant Circle
  • Social networking sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, Foursquare, YouTube and Twitter
  • Blog/article submission sites like Tumblr, SlideShare, Blogger and Digg
  • Photo sharing sites like Photobucket, Picasa, and Flickr
  • Back links

If you do not have multiple sites linking to pages in your website, you are not one of the favorites in Google. Google finds your site good if you have blog posts, press releases, Facebook pages, articles posted on other sites linking pages in your site.

By following the above strategies, you will see more clicks in your website. Motivating customers to visit your website and then encouraging them to visit again is a challenge but with right approaches and timely measures you can have a website that has huge traffic and high conversion rate.

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